Rimadesio was founded in 1956 by Francesco Malberti and Luigi Riboldi.

Initially, manufacture was focused on glass panels and mirrors.
Venus mirror appeared in 1969 and became bestseller, it was produced until 1985.
In 1980 a bent glass furniture collection first appeared as homage to their roots.
Parallel to this, in 1983, there have been the “Specchi d’autore”, “Writers’ mirrors”, signed by such famous people as Lucio del Pezzo, Sergio Borrini and Lucia Pescador.

In 1992, Rimadesio collection was replenished with Siparium system of sliding partition walls designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.
It guarantee the freedom to choose the layout of home spaces, to make them bigger or smaller.
Later, a range replenished with systems for closets and living rooms.
The large brand boutique opened in 2006, where were provided full Rimadesio collection.

Since 2008, Rimadesio starts to focus on ecologically clean materials, using innovative technologies to minimize environmental damage at the same time preserving the superior quality of products.

Today Rimadesio represents storage systems giving a maximum comfort for home use and amazing furniture collection, where aesthetic mixed with lightness and innovative technology.