Minotti was founded by Alberto Minotti in the 50-ies of the 20th century.
Soon the company grew up from a small handicraft production into a large industrial enterprise after a decade.
The next major phase of development occurred thanks to Renato and Roberto Minotti, which has turned their name into a recognizable brand in the 1970's.

The Minotti brothers continue to develop the company.
The famous architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who coordinates the release of collections of Minotti since 1997, is responsible for the creative concept, stylistic characteristics and aesthetic principles.
The label "Made in Italy" inseparably linked with Minotti.
This manufacturer always focuses on the combination of tradition and modern technology.
A high level of skill, interacting with the latest technology, allow create a perfect product.
The fineness of handcrafted adds sensitivity and emotion to the product, created by mechanical means.

Minotti focus on the study and careful selection of materials, perfection details, a compliance of the product with the latest trends and don’t forget about comfort, reliability and durability.
Of course, it all wouldn’t be possible without a team of professionals and their desire to create an impressive result.
All of these components including the 60-year history of the company allow Minotti to occupy an honourable place in the world of interior design and gain the trust of customers with refined taste.
Advanced age strengthens the brand's position in a competitive global market, but the most important is the experience gained during this time.

In Milan, the world's capital of fashion and design, where forms and technical solutions are in continuous development, Minotti studio always searches for ancient materials and test new ones, it develop projects that reveal new incredible facets of interior design.

Not coincidentally Minotti was and remains a reference brand for people who have a refined taste, love to travel around the world and feel comfortable in any place of our planet, but who always remember about their history and their roots, pay homage to ancestors in spite of the distance, always maintain a close relationship with their home.