Gubi studio always searches for legendary design items from the past to breathe new life into them.
In 1967, Ruin and Elizabeth Olsen marked the beginning of a new history of Scandinavian design, founding Gubi.

In 2001 the company first enters on the world market.
Today, Gubi cooperates with famous designers like Komplot, Gam/Fratesi and Paul André Leroy.

To find the fine line where the functionality may harmoniously coexist with high aesthetics is the main goal of Gubi, and its philosophy says: "Design is timeless".

Production runs in two directions: remakes cult interior items of the 1930s-1970s and creating own furniture collections.
You will find outdoor/table lamps, chandeliers, tables, sofas, coffee tables, mirrors, chairs, armchairs and chests in the range of this factory.
Gubi is developing rapidly with every year to satisfy desires of the most exacting customers around the world, including fans of classics and lovers of modern design.