Boffi arrives on the scene as a brand specializing in kitchens, but the company has always had a strong desire for the ambitious tasks and for mastering new areas of the interior business.
In 1980, Boffi began to produce furniture, sanitary ware and accessories for bathrooms.
In 2010 opened a third direction of the company – the storage system.
At the same time, originate the interest in street furniture that can be used as indoors.

25,000 square metres of company’s factory located in Brianza, the heart of the furniture production, where an ancient technique for varnishing of surfaces and polishing of the polyester works side by side with high technology.
Traditional methods interact with innovative when create collections.
Any product may be made in customized finishes and in custom sizes.
This feature highly prized among preferred customers worldwide.
Large network of reliable partners, who stock appliances, steel, stone, marble, taps, valves and pipe fittings, enables to offer a product based on the latest technological developments.

Manufacture of kitchens is key business of the company, which brings 71% of the company's turnover.
Manufacture of bathrooms brings 24% and unit storage system brings 5%.

There are great varieties of interior brands in any country of the world.
Each of them has its own strategy for development.
Each company produces a special product, different shape, geometry, size and materials.
The main goal of Boffi company is highlight the exclusivity of their brand among other products which made in Italy.

After 50 years of hard work, Boffi continued to strengthen the prestige and loyalty to its brand.
In 1980 Boffi started to produce a new illustrated catalogues, which are more like art books than technical manual.
Organization and support of the cultural events also stimulated the character of the brand.

The example of innovative solutions of company is refusal to present collections in the exhibition halls of Milan Furniture fair for more non-trivial and original sites.
It's safe to say that the company enters the next phase of development as watching famous architect Piero Lissoni’s enthusiasm and energy that helps to lead the brand creative strategy.

Boffi is represented in the Boffi Solferino iconic space, opened in Milan in 1998, and in flagship stores in all the capitals of the world.
International markets bring 81% profit of the total turnover of the company.